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What’s your dream achievement?
To have contributed to seeing Black, Brown, Asian and Native people, differently abled people, LGBTQ communities, and girls and women — all the time — portrayed in the world as the full, complex and strong people I know them (us) to be.
– Fanshen


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Filmmaker Fanshen Cox Talks About Multiracial Identity in One Drop of Love Performance
More Quotes:

“Vibrant and tremendously brave…”One Drop of Love” is an odyssey of love, of race and ultimately of redemption. . . Cox’s tale will break your heart even as it heals it.”
– Junot Díaz, Pulitzer Prize Winner, MacArthur “Genius” Fellow, Professor of Writing at MIT.

“One Drop of Love” not only provided  a spectacular performance  by Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni, but was also one of the most socially important conversations the Fox has been able to help facilitate within our community. Performing Arts Centers across the country, I encourage you to deliver this show. You’ll be better for it”.
– Allan Vella, President and CEO of the Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA

Fanshen Cox’s “One Drop of Love” interweaves the intimacy of personal experience with the larger social and political changes redefining race, gender and the kinship in America. As  important as the performance itself is Fanshen’s sincere interest in, and ability to, connect with her audiences, to link her extremely personal story to other people’s experiences, to be open to their voices even as she is telling her own story. Fanshen offers an insightful, smart, informed, clear-eyed investigation into the complexity of being “mixed” that makes her private journey of keen interest to anyone who crosses cultural or racial boundaries.
– Michele Elam, professor of English, Stanford University

Fanshen’s story is quite incredible, but it is her retelling of it that captures an audience.  I have rarely seen a group of teenagers so rapt with attention to hear the next word.  Her ability to use the personal to build a story about race, family and bridging painful rifts among loved ones and strangers was so potent for these young men and women who grapple with these issues daily.  She is the kind of performer who will inspire people to embrace what makes them different and see it as a strength.
– Randall Arney, Artistic Director, Geffen Playhouse

“One Drop of Love” is beautiful and brave. Cox DiGiovanni’s honesty, insight, dedication, and love are an inspiration. She takes us into the intimate places where family, race, love, and pain intertwine. In this sometimes searing, sometimes funny, and always smart play she shows us both the terrible things we do to those we love and a way forward to a better future.
– Paul Spickard, professor of history at University of California, Santa Barbara

The performance was hands-down the best Choate performance I have ever seen. I’ve seen a lot of white struggle stories, and a lot of black struggle stories, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mixed struggle story.
– Zemia Edmondson, student at Choate Rosemary Hall

“One Drop of Love” is an hour of pure magic. Cox DiGiovanni is able to shift through time and space and different characters to explain the racial paradigm in America, and the relationship between her and her father in ways that anyone can understand. I highly recommend this show.
– Steven F. Riley, Owner/Curator

Wow. Hollywood spends millions on movies and they couldn’t bring me from folded over laughter to tears as easily as Fanshen did. She’s engaging with the audience and honest. One Drop conquers racial issues with honesty and an open heart. Anyone who has ever felt out of place…or had a really crazy (but loving) family will really enjoy this.
– Angela Nissel, co-producer Scrubs; author: Broke DiariesMixed; writer on The Boondocks

In “One Drop of Love,” Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni offers a thought-provoking, informative, and moving exploration of race, racism, and what it means to identify as “culturally mixed.”  Her authenticity and humor, as she recounts her complex relationships with her parents and the evolution of her thinking, are deeply engaging. This piece not only educates and prompts discussion about important issues, but also inspires audience members to examine and honor their own struggles with identity.
– Jennifer Zakkai, Education Projects Leader, Geffen Playhouse

One Drop of Love is funny, entertaining and moving.
– Kim Wayans, Actress: PariahIn Living Color; Writer/Performer: A Handsome Woman Retreats

Wow. “One Drop of Love” is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing your story and opening up so much thoughtful reflection and discussion about mixed heritage and race — my mind is still buzzing and the audience was so energized.
– Sady Sullivan, Director of Oral History, Brooklyn Historical Society

Beautifully performed with ease and relaxation, honesty, humility and care. This is a major contribution to the dialogue of how many drops of many kinds of blood it truly takes to get to unconditional love and acceptance.
– Caryn West, “One of the Best Audition Coaches” Backstage East and West,

One Drop of Love is full of wonder, humor, beauty, layers, texture, panoramas, history, commentary, emotion and brilliance. Wow. We loved being there and being with you.
– Sarah Feinbloom, President – Sarafina Productions

Super Sister

Ms. DiGiovanni’s story manages to be deeply personal and universal at the same time — no easy feat. While the story deals with issues of race, it goes so far beyond that and tells a story of love, family and connection that virtually everyone can relate to (my 100% white wife was left in tears).

Ms. DiGiovanni has a remarkable gift for inhabiting her characters (her black father, white mother, brother, and grandmother) without ever descending into caricature. And she does so with great charm and humor, engaging the audience throughout.
– Barry Gordon, Actor & Professor at CSULA

What beautiful work.
– José Cruz Gonzalez, Playwright, Associate Artist with Cornerstone Theater Company